Five Things That You Never Expect On Tucson Air Conditioning

compressor down in there where the two connections the high and low pressure lines feed in also you’re going to be following these lines you see where these connectors are where this connector is there’s potential for leaks usually there’s no leaks in the actual hard line here but you want to check anyway it’s worth it takes seconds you follow the whole line with the light and you can see here right where it connects to the condenser there’s an o-ring right in that little connector.

They typically go bad so you’ll find the leaks in there and those are the good ones because then you just replace old rings you unbolt this you put a new o-ring and you bolt it up and you charge it up nice and simple cheap easy fix so that is a common problem area so then in the condenser which is behind the front of the grill this is also another common problem area the reason why is because you can see rocks and stuff kick up and hit that so you just want to make sure you look at all those places behind the grill if we look under the truck right here is our radiator so that’s the.

coolant right there is the condenser so that’s the air-conditioning refrigerant the other thing is here’s another connector with one of those o-rings I was talking about that tends to leak so definitely check out right under there and then we’re going to Tucson Air Conditioning follow this line up comes up here you can see this is that high-pressure Schroeder valve that we have check around there you can even open this up and check in there if you want follow it along check around this sensor want to make sure that there’s no leaking around.

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